EU – ILEAP – Interactive Learning of Energetic Utilization of Agricultural Products and By-products

Exploitation of renewable energy sources plays an important role in the European efforts and worldwide. Researches and experiments have been carried out on bio-energy production all over the world for the utilization of renewable sources. Based upon their results the biomass of forestry, agricultural by-products, animal by-products and energy crop cultivation are main factors that should be count upon.

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EBRD – ARMSEFF – Armenia Sustainable Energy Finance Facility

The main objectives of the assignment are to assist individual prospective sub-borrowers to identify sustainable energy opportunities, conduct energy audits and assess the technical and economic feasibility of the identified projects.

EBRD – UKEEP – Ukraine Energy Efficiency Project

BLUESAVE carried out several audits in the Ukraine together with the Energy Efficiency Experts from ALLPLAN. The samples have been analysed in laboratories and the results compared with the Ukrainian environmental guidelines which are in some respects harmonised with the EU-regulations and environmental legislative.

EU – DIRECT – Development of Varazdin Rural Communities

The main objective of the project is to develop the institutional framework for the sustainable advancement of rural communities in Varazdin County through the transfer of know-how from Austrian and the elaboration of the strategic plan for the rural development. Achieving this outcome will ensure sustainable development and the improvement of living standards in rural communities in the Varazdin County region.

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