EU – ILEAP – Interactive Learning of Energetic Utilization of Agricultural Products and By-products

  • Educational Programme,

This project is financed by the Leonardo da Vinci Community vocational training action programme. BLUESAVE’ partners are Határok Nélkül Kft, Hungary (Co-ordinator); CRES, Greece, Szent István University Department of Agricultural Policy, Hungary; Innoterm, Hungary; SAPIENTIA University – Tirgu Mures , Romania.

Exploitation of renewable energy sources plays an important role in the European efforts and worldwide. Researches and experiments have been carried out on bio-energy production all over the world for the utilization of renewable sources. Based upon their results the biomass of forestry, agricultural by-products, animal by-products and energy crop cultivation are main factors that should be count upon.

The main aim of this project is to develop a certified e-learning training, an education program and guidelines, based on the experience of different partners to support the target groups in their professional advancement. The end product will be implementable and transferable to other countries outside the partners’ regions.

The project aims also to establish co-operation between different partners to capitalize and disseminate shared experience. The intention is to adapt and transfer avail-able international experiences, methods, and practices, and to stimulate an effective co-operation between different areas, including the private and the public.

With developing a unique curriculum of an e-learning training and educational program, the project provides actors with the necessary competencies essential for their work. The project has the following specific aims:

  • Building a firm and comprehensive knowledge in the field of energetic use of agricultural products in the target groups.
  • Developing methods to improve the work of those who are already engaged in this field.
  • Developing training material covering production and technologies, production economy and legal and contractual background at national and EU level.
  • Creating a wide understanding of energetic utilization of agricultural products and promoting public energy awareness.

The target groups of the project are people with final examination (or equivalent) from secondary grammar school, engaged in the energetic utilization of agricultural products.

  • On basic level: households, self-employed and small entrepreneur farmers seeking an alternative employment or utilisation of land.
  • On advanced level: training for energy and agribusiness professionals, consultants and actors responsible for sustainable energy planning at a local and national scale, mainly employed by municipalities, chambers, NGOs and associations.

The contribution of BLUESAVE is a detailed valorisation plan and strategy formation, the implementation of coordination and management tasks and the development of the curriculum.

Renewable energy resources become more and more important. Technologies and know-how based on agricultural, economic and legal information will support the proper and successful use of renewable energy and lead to less dependence on fossil fuels.

EU - ILEAP – Interactive Learning of Energetic Utilization of Agricultural Products and By-products - BLUESAVE

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