Study on Regional Drinking Water Supply of the Voivodinian Region – Serbia

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MARKET ANALYSIS – The Macedonian Water Sector (FYROM – Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia)

On behalf of the Austrian Water Cluster, BLUESAVE compiled the market study “Market Potential and Market Entry Strategies for Austrian Enterprises in the Macedonian Water Sector”.

This market study was finished in 2001 and was co-financed by the Austrian Ministry of Finance. The client, “Austrian Water”, represents around 30 potent private water sector companies in the fields of consulting, engineering, supply, operation and research.

Overall objectives of the study were:

  • to provide general information of the Macedonian water sector including the legal and regulatory framework
  • analysis of the socio-economic conditions like population, general socio-economic conditions and income
  • providing information about the Municipal environmental action plan as far as water supply systems and wastewater collection and treatment are concerned
  • information about financing possibilities (grants and loans from international and bilateral institutions)

A number of projects were identified by the team, prioritized according to criteria such as preparedness, local political support, funding potential and environmental impact.

The study also comprises a recommendation for a strategic market entry for Austrian consultants as well as suppliers, engineering companies and operators of water and waste water sector facilities, with short, medium and long term perspective.

“Water is a most precious resource – no water, no life. We bring our expertise to those regions where the value of water is well-understood and appreciated. That makes our work very satisfying!”

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