ADA – Development Partnership for Biodiesel in Voivodina, Serbia

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The Austrian Development Agency has financed under their Partnership program the design and development of a biodiesel project in Mladenovo in Vojvodina, Serbia. BIOTREAT Biodiesel GmbH as the technology supplier has contracted BLUESAVE as overall coordinator and project manager.

The following work tasks are being carried out:

  • Road Show for farmers (public awareness building for “energy farmers”)
  • Trainings for biodiesel plant operators
  • Awareness raising for oil plant cultivation
  • Calculations tools and assistance for farmers
  • Documents for buyer’s and seller’s associations and contracts for selling biodiesel and feedstock
  • Public relations for small decentral biodiesel plants
  • Project development, accompanying and management

Main targets of the project are

  • creating awareness and know-how-transfer for farmers in the field of biodiesel plants and oil plant cultivation
  • help farmer to associate themselves and to calculate their own biodiesel plants
  • creating awareness at the public for the utilisation of biodiesel fuels

The target groups for know-how-transfer and awareness creating measures are the farmers you supply the biodiesel plant, as well as interested farmers all over Vojvodina, additionally, political stakeholders of the municipality and the province. In general the whole public is involved and informed by presentations, newsletters and info- campaigns.

The social, economic and environmental outputs of the project are

  • A decentral modular biodiesel plant produces at least 1,300 t of biodiesel a year
  • A number of small farmers with at least 4,200 ha cultivate their land with rape seed plants.
  • Several hundred farmers are informed about biodiesel technologies and cropping requirements
  • Several hundred farmers receive calculation tools to assess the feasibility of oil plant cultivation themselves.
  • New farmer associations use the developed contracts for their assignments.

The necessary steps to reach these targets are first of all to create a legal groundwork of farmers to start cultivating oil plants. Potentials for further expansion of production need to be identified. Other farmers and the public need to be involved and informed about possibilities of biodiesel production in the Vojvodina. The realisation of all the targets will lead to a sustainable economical and ecological development of the region.

Biodiesel plants achieve three social, economic and environmental objectives in one: 1) Substitution of fossil fuels to reduce CO2 emissions 2) Improve economic situation of farmers 3) Reduce the dependence from fossil fuel suppliers. 4) Create export possibilities and create jobs in the value chain.

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